Etude 4

The Temple of Everlasting Life

“12 etudes on everlasting life” is a series of performative art pieces that attempt to find 12 ways to practice a life everlasting. Every month during 2010 a new etude will be performed.

Each etude is created between performance artist Tuomas Laitinen and another artist and will be worked on for 3 uninterrupted days. The etudes are collected into a manual of everlasting life practice.

The subject of the fourth etude is technology and it will be performed in HUMlab of UmeƄ University Sweden on April 28th at 5pm-8pm but a version of that performance will also be available forever in the Temple of Everlasting Life built inside the virtual world Second Life.

The etude is done by new media artist Carl-Erik Engqvist and Tuomas Laitinen.

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