Links to Materials for Discussion in Konst och Teknik III Short Course

These online sites, essays and works of art are designed to propel a conversation around issues of critical appreciation of issues in art and technology using 5 themes. By no means extensive they provide a taste of some of the contexts for art practices in technological environments,

1. Narrative:

Last Meal Requested
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

2. Space:

Mixed Media Installation
La Fura Dels Baus:
Critical Art Ensemble:
Atalier Van Lieshout:
Bill Viola:

Alternate Reality Gaming

VR Systems/Gaming/Interactive Space
Sheldon Brown
Mary Flanagan
Brody Condon

Media Art in Public Areas


3. Interaction:

Life Sharing
Velvet Strike
Power Pilgrims
Telematic Dinner Party

4. Collaborative:


Globally Dispersed Creation


6. Mixed:

All Your Base
Our Lips are Sealed:
Graphic Dynamo:


Online Collections:
Digital Performance Archive:

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3 Responses to Links to Materials for Discussion in Konst och Teknik III Short Course

  1. Patrik says:

    So, how did it go? I hope someone took photos of the lab setup?

  2. Jim says:

    It went well and there are photos (I took some and so did one of the course members..he had a very fine camera). One thing that pleased me was that after the ‘official’ course finished the participants hung around in the lab talking to each other and the staff. A good indicator that a dialogue was achieved I thought.

  3. Patrik says:

    That is a good indication. I have started to document such post-activities as they carry a lot of meaning and energy.

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