NITLE Summit 2010 and Shape of Things to Come

If you have not already noticed, I recommend following two recent conferences/meetings – actually one of them is still going on. It is the NITLE Summit 2010: Advancing towards Liberal Arts 3.0 and Online Humanities Scholarship: The Shape of Things to Come. Both exciting events with interesting people. They have been well tweeted with the following hash tags: #nitle and #uvashape. Whashtag is an excellent resource for checking UVA (still going on) and nitle out.

I have been listening in while working this weekend, and it has really added to my sense of being involved and to the actual work I am doing. I just referenced Michael Keller’s talk at UVA Shape in my article (through tweets about what he said). The reach of the twitter conversation is also larger than the participants present at the actual venues. Also the conferences have been co-referencing each other in interesting ways – there is a considerable overlap.

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