Screening and workshop – Social Media for Activists

HUMlab is hosting a screening of 10 tactics for turning information into action by the Tactical Technology Collective. After the screening, a course examining how social media has been used by activists both in planned and spontaneous contexts will be given – as well as practical training in specific social media tools. The first one and a half hours of the course will be theoretical, while the last one and a half will have a more practical focus. Participants may choose either to come to a single one and a half hours session, or to attend both sessions.

Event Details:

Time: 18 februari kl. 13:00 – kl. 16:00
Place: HUMlab
Workshop leader: Stephanie Hendrick

Both the workshop and screening are open and free to all. Please sign up either at the facebook group ( or on the HUMlab kortkurs page (

Boxed sets of the film and bonus material will be raffled off during the workshop.

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  1. Steph Kent says:

    How did it go?

    …sorry I missed it…


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