Museum Studies and Culture Analysis

Today and yesterday students from the second year museum studies and culture analysis courses have been presenting their Fall Term 2009 projects in HUMlab for examination.

Yesterday it was the culture analysis students who showed three machinima films. These films focused on manifestations of Gender, Sexuality, Secularity, Ethnicity and Place in contemporary western society. Each film went for about ten minutes and the three bottom images above are taken from each one.

Today the museum studies students presented their installations from three group projects built in the online virtual world of Second Life. The three projects took up themes of Gaze, Class, Gender. Ethnicity and Ecology. The top two rows of images above are taken from the three group projects.

Next Wednesday 20th January at 7pm in HUMlab (under the UB Library at Umeå University) we will be hosting a public exhibition of the projects done in Second Life. All are welcome. In Second Life you will be able to attend by logging in and teleporting to the HUMlab II Island. The island can be accessed from this webpage.

More Information on the exhibition can be found here (In Swedish)

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