Umeå Arts Campus progressing

Umeå University is creating a new Umeå Arts Campus by the river in between the main campus and the city center. About 10-15 minutes walking time from the main campus (I have done this walk quite a few times over the last couple of months) in a very nice location. Here HUMlab-X will be built (will be ready by 2011). The new School of Architecture is a very real reminder of the of the speed of the planning and construction work.


The above photo is from earlier today. Needless to say this is a very exciting (and intense) process. The Umeå Arts Campus builds on a great many ongoing processes, collaborations, passions and hopes, and there is much exciting potential to be realized in full over the next couple of years. HUMlab-X will hopefully play an important role in all this as a meeting place, initiator and vibrant studio space.

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