Seminar with Elizabeth Keating on October 16 at 1.15 pm

We are happy to present a seminar with Elizabeth Keating from University of Texas at Austin this coming Friday. The seminar will also be streamed online at We are very happy to have Elizabeth visit!

“A Full Inspiration Tray”:
Interacting across Real and Technologically-Mediated Worlds
October 16 at 1.15 pm CET

Elizabeth Keating, PhD
Department of Anthropology
University of Texas at Austin

The development of digital technologies not only has an influence on human communicative practices, but also has created new spaces for collaborative activity. I am interested in the ways people are interacting together across both “real” and technologically-mediated (“virtual”) spaces simultaneously, and the role of language and other symbolic systems in organizing this. The group I will focus on, gamers, share both real and virtual spaces, and in managing a team effort they recruit a multimodal array of communicative resources (including gesture, the body and deictic forms) to produce and interpret rapid shifts in context and participation, as they orient to, plan, and execute collaborative actions which span quite different environments with quite different types of agency, possible acts and consequences.

In collaboration with the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University.

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