MyHUMlab, Linnea Hanell and Linus Salö

I am excited to announce our new video series called MyHUMlab. My HUMlab is a candid, non-PR view of the lab from the users perspective. These films express how our users create and find value within HUMlab’s open and creative meeting space.Over time, these short videos will create a picture of HUMlab from the perspective of users who come to the lab with different backgrounds, different goals, and different needs in a way that we would be unable to capture within the pages of a leaflet, or even the dynamics of a website. Please keep an eye out for this series, or subscribe to HUMlab’s YouTube channel where this series and other candid short clips of life in the lab are continuously uploaded. The series will be in both Swedish and in English, depending on the native language of the user.

Without further ado, I present MyHUMlab’s first video in which språkkonsulterna Linnea Hanell and Linus Salö talk about how screen space changed the way they work with documents. (In Swedish)

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