History and New Media

This is my first post to the HUMlab blog, and I plan to contribute regularly over the coming months. My name is Paul Arthur and I am a new postdoctoral fellow at HUMlab and will be visiting here from August 2009-January 2010.

My research project at HUMlab is on ‘History and New Media’, and I am busy writing a book with the same name. I have often been involved with coordinating digital history projects in Australia, where I live most of the time, and this book reflects on my experiences. History as a discipline has a great deal to gain from technological advances, and yet much of the time historians tend to work in familiar, tested ways, using established media. The book asks whether technology can change the way history may be recorded and how we understand the past, or whether digital media is just another format for preserving the same sorts of information.

I have a website at www.paularthur.com . It is not so much a blog as a CV/profile. However, I do occasionally post extracts from papers I publish there. I am keen to meet people interested in any aspect of the digital humanities, so please be in touch. I will be working in HUMlab much of the time. I am also affiliated with the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies.