learning spaces, transforming religious values and eclectic tech carnival

While most of the university is slowing down (the semester is soon over), things remain rather hectic at HUMlab. This past weekend, Ele Carpenter’s exhibition Open Source Embroidery premiered at the BildMuseet, and this coming week the large-scale event Eclectic Tech Carnival will happen in the lab. ETC has been co-organized by HUMlab fellow Stefanie Wuschitz and project worker Karin Jangert (and others).

Also, two conferences will make use of HUMlab this coming week. The first one is the “Changing Societies – Values, Religions, and Education” conference organized by the School of Education at Umeå University and supported by the Swedish Research Council. Here one session will take part in the lab and the three following presentations will be done by HUMlab affiliated researchers:

Religion in New Places: Retoric of the Holy in Online Virtual World of Second Life. Jim Barrett (English literature).
Virtual churches: Transforming religious values and practise. Stefan Gelfgren (History of Ideas).
Some experiences of using Internet based platform in Religious Education. Hanna Zipernovszky (Religious Studies).

On Thursday and Friday, Umeå University will host an international conference on “Spaces for Learning” (organized by the School of Education in collaboration with HUMlab), and two presentations will be made by myself and postdoctoral fellow Erica Robles in HUMlab. Hopefully we will be able to use the space playfully.

From Optical Fiber to Conceptual Cyberinfrastructure. Patrik Svensson.
The Psychology of Information Displays: Designing Screens For Social Contexts. Erica Robles.

A very promising week indeed!