Hypercities, Traweek, DML Studio and Transformative Scholarship

I am spending a week in Southern California to do mixed work. The day before yesterday I participated in a meeting at UCLA mainly on the HyperCities project with most of the project group (I think). It is really an interesting project which I have followed at a distance through contact with PI Todd Presner over the years. The project has developed on multiple levels from a standalone more informational platform to a very rich, multi-layered, web-based, modular, multiple-city, data rich and fairly spectacular interpretative tool which allows exploration of rich scholarly issues in through an experimental, attractive and very promising platform.

At the meeting I met with Philip J. Ethington who told me about the new Center for Transformative Scholarship at USC.

The core mission of the Center for Transformative Scholarship (CTS) at USC is to facilitate, explore, test, and advance the potentials of new media and networked scholarship for scholarly research, analysis, and publication. The CTS is a University-wide resource, hosted by the University Library, the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and the School of Cinematic Arts. […] CTS is committed to working with faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students who seek to realize the emerging scholarly potential of massive online archives, the potential of collaborative environments and tools for analysis and interpretation of those archives, and the potential of new forms of publication via the Internet and other new media.

Yesterday I took part in a workshop at UC Irvine with Sharon Traweek on her current work, databases, knowledge networks, cyberinfrastructure, policy issues, collaboration and interdisciplinarity. Traweek is (obviously) very good and I really enjoyed the workshop. I also met with David Theo Goldberg who just got back from visiting us in Umeå and Mimi Ito. They are both involved in/run the new Digital Media Learning Studio (MacArthur Fundation supported) and I had an oppurtunity of meeting the team – a most impressive and interesting group of people.

Tomorrow I hope to submit my article “Humanities computing as digital humanities” as well as visiting UCSD in San Diego.