Lindell Hall in Second Life for Student Association Fiftieth Birthday

To help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary (1959-2009) of the founding of the Student Association here at Umeå University, HUMlab has had a replica copy of the Lindell Hall (1:1 scale) built on our island in Second Life. The Lindell Hall is the center of the Umeå Campus and is a building that makes an impact with high glass walls, a ceiling that soars and a round platform in the middle which allows people to leave earth, if but for a short time. All of these signature features have been re-created in the virtual 3D environment of Second Life

On Wednesday the 27th May from 9:00 the virtual Lindell Hall will become a meeting place for students from Umeå and our partner the University of Würtzburg in Germany. Images from the history of the Umeå Student Association will be on display as well as videos of significant events from the past fifty years. Culture on Campus will be presenting Local Umeå Band, Two White Horses, who will be streaming a concert into the beach area (this is Second Life after all) behind the Lindell Hall.

So please come and join us in Second Life during the day and witness some of the history, the present and perhaps a little of the future of the Umeå Student Association. If you already have a Second Life account you can teleport direct to the Lindell Hall from here:

If you do not have an account in Second Life you need to download the program onto your writing machine (can be done for free from here) and get an account. We will be offering students and staff the opportunity to experience the Lindell Hall in Second Life from 9:00 on Wednesday in HUMlab. Come down to the lab (under the UB and the Lindell Hall itself at the center of the campus), where we can help you log in even if you don’t have an account.