Electronic Literature Wiki, Open Access Publishing Website, Blog

I’m a bit late on the scene with my first blog entry as a HUMlab postdoc — but better late than never as they say —

Basically, I wanted to invite HUMlab blog readers to check out my electronic literature wiki which was created — and is still being developed — as a collaborative resource to accompany and document our series of Electronic Literature Workshops in the HUMlab from December to May 2009. Thoughts, questions, suggestions are much appreciated.

I’d also like to officially announce my blog “The Flying Saucer Poetic” which I’ve been keeping for myself over the past 6 months — but just decided it wouldn’t hurt to tell people about it. It’s rather informal and includes some random thoughts on an assortment of topics like open access publishing, digital literature, creative writing and experimental prose, the visual arts, contemporary culture, and life in northern Sweden.

Finally, I’ve been working on a website on open access scholarly publishing — which builds on the open access video installation I did for the Bibliotek 3.0 conference in the HUMlab space (17 March 2009). When finished, I envision the website to be a creative resource on the access principle, open access publishing tools, author rights and the creative commons — including links to a great number of important open access journals available on the internet. Again — feedback, thoughts, questions are welcome.

Thanks! Caroline (I don’t know if my name appears here automatically)….