Talking to teachers about YouTube

Yesterday Simon and I talked to a small group of teachers about the habits of Swedish youth using YouTube and the way that these habits are presented in the media, the historical presentation of new technologies in media, as well as a small presentation of theoretical terms used in this type of research. The talk was very well received, and in preparing for the talk I was able to begin preparing for the talk I will give at AOIR in October.

I think this kind of interaction is so important in research. By having a discussion with teachers, we are pushing our results down a chain of knowledge and hopefully the creators of these videos ,and the knowledge that they bring to a discussion, can be met by the interest and knowledge of their (formalized) teachers in order to create opportunities for using media/technology in classroom settings.

Here are some of the materials we used…
Prezi presentation of YouTube clips
The project website,
The project video

Hypercities, Traweek, DML Studio and Transformative Scholarship

I am spending a week in Southern California to do mixed work. The day before yesterday I participated in a meeting at UCLA mainly on the HyperCities project with most of the project group (I think). It is really an interesting project which I have followed at a distance through contact with PI Todd Presner over the years. The project has developed on multiple levels from a standalone more informational platform to a very rich, multi-layered, web-based, modular, multiple-city, data rich and fairly spectacular interpretative tool which allows exploration of rich scholarly issues in through an experimental, attractive and very promising platform.

At the meeting I met with Philip J. Ethington who told me about the new Center for Transformative Scholarship at USC.

The core mission of the Center for Transformative Scholarship (CTS) at USC is to facilitate, explore, test, and advance the potentials of new media and networked scholarship for scholarly research, analysis, and publication. The CTS is a University-wide resource, hosted by the University Library, the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and the School of Cinematic Arts. […] CTS is committed to working with faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students who seek to realize the emerging scholarly potential of massive online archives, the potential of collaborative environments and tools for analysis and interpretation of those archives, and the potential of new forms of publication via the Internet and other new media.

Yesterday I took part in a workshop at UC Irvine with Sharon Traweek on her current work, databases, knowledge networks, cyberinfrastructure, policy issues, collaboration and interdisciplinarity. Traweek is (obviously) very good and I really enjoyed the workshop. I also met with David Theo Goldberg who just got back from visiting us in Umeå and Mimi Ito. They are both involved in/run the new Digital Media Learning Studio (MacArthur Fundation supported) and I had an oppurtunity of meeting the team – a most impressive and interesting group of people.

Tomorrow I hope to submit my article “Humanities computing as digital humanities” as well as visiting UCSD in San Diego.

:: skin dance VI

You are warmely invited to see the very first video installation

ever screened on all nine HD screens here at HUMlab:


Thursday May 28th until Friday May 29th – 2009

CONCEPT video artist, dancer & choreographer Mié Coquempot

in collaboration with MÖTE09

and the support of the participants of MÖTE09 Umeå

see more of MÖTE09 at

Lindell Hall in Second Life for Student Association Fiftieth Birthday

To help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary (1959-2009) of the founding of the Student Association here at Umeå University, HUMlab has had a replica copy of the Lindell Hall (1:1 scale) built on our island in Second Life. The Lindell Hall is the center of the Umeå Campus and is a building that makes an impact with high glass walls, a ceiling that soars and a round platform in the middle which allows people to leave earth, if but for a short time. All of these signature features have been re-created in the virtual 3D environment of Second Life

On Wednesday the 27th May from 9:00 the virtual Lindell Hall will become a meeting place for students from Umeå and our partner the University of Würtzburg in Germany. Images from the history of the Umeå Student Association will be on display as well as videos of significant events from the past fifty years. Culture on Campus will be presenting Local Umeå Band, Two White Horses, who will be streaming a concert into the beach area (this is Second Life after all) behind the Lindell Hall.

So please come and join us in Second Life during the day and witness some of the history, the present and perhaps a little of the future of the Umeå Student Association. If you already have a Second Life account you can teleport direct to the Lindell Hall from here:

If you do not have an account in Second Life you need to download the program onto your writing machine (can be done for free from here) and get an account. We will be offering students and staff the opportunity to experience the Lindell Hall in Second Life from 9:00 on Wednesday in HUMlab. Come down to the lab (under the UB and the Lindell Hall itself at the center of the campus), where we can help you log in even if you don’t have an account.

five postdoctoral fellowships

Five international postdoctoral positions in the digital humanities are now available at HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden from September 1, 2009 or January 15, 2010. The call is open, but 1-3 positions may be allocated to the areas of “religion and the digital”, “digital journalism”, “architecture and the digital”, “next generation digital humanities tools” and/or “visualization in the digital humanities”.

HUMlab is an internationally recognized center for the humanities and information technology. Much of the work takes place in a 5,300 square feet studio space at the center of the university and in different kinds of digital and hybrid environments. HUMlab is based on a double (or triple) affiliation model where much of the work is done in close collaboration with the humanities (or other) departments. HUMlab offers an open, friendly, creative and intellectually rich milieu for doing work in the humanities and information technology.

The fellowships are for one year. Another year may be possible based on a review as well as the availability of funding. Collaboration is a central part of the ethos of HUMlab and among our strategic partners are Kulturverket (local award-winning culture organization), Lund University (the Humanities Laboratory), King’s College London (Centre for Computing in the Humanities) and the University of California (UC Humanities Research Institute).

Applicants will be expected to have a Ph.D. in a humanities discipline. In exceptional cases, other areas and backgrounds can be of interest as well. Applications should include a description of an envisioned postdoctoral year-long project.

Please see for more information. Applications should be submitted electronically by June 18, 2009. We look forward to receiving your application.

New Style

I am working on a new style for the blog – something new, clean and simple. There have been a few hiccups with browser compatibility, but here is a preview… thoughts, tips, comments?

Electronic Literature Wiki, Open Access Publishing Website, Blog

I’m a bit late on the scene with my first blog entry as a HUMlab postdoc — but better late than never as they say —

Basically, I wanted to invite HUMlab blog readers to check out my electronic literature wiki which was created — and is still being developed — as a collaborative resource to accompany and document our series of Electronic Literature Workshops in the HUMlab from December to May 2009. Thoughts, questions, suggestions are much appreciated.

I’d also like to officially announce my blog “The Flying Saucer Poetic” which I’ve been keeping for myself over the past 6 months — but just decided it wouldn’t hurt to tell people about it. It’s rather informal and includes some random thoughts on an assortment of topics like open access publishing, digital literature, creative writing and experimental prose, the visual arts, contemporary culture, and life in northern Sweden.

Finally, I’ve been working on a website on open access scholarly publishing — which builds on the open access video installation I did for the Bibliotek 3.0 conference in the HUMlab space (17 March 2009). When finished, I envision the website to be a creative resource on the access principle, open access publishing tools, author rights and the creative commons — including links to a great number of important open access journals available on the internet. Again — feedback, thoughts, questions are welcome.

Thanks! Caroline (I don’t know if my name appears here automatically)….

Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt in HUMlab

[May 18 at 1.15 pm]
Tiny Dancers, Singing Fish, Burning Man: Virtual Worlds, Real Stories
Galen Brandt, DigitalSpace Corporation

[May 18 at 3.15 pm]
Will Bona Fide Life Evolve from within Human Technology (and what are the consequences of this happening)?
Bruce Damer, DigitalSpace Corporation

Bruce and Galen arrived in HUMlab to close the invigning on Thursday, as well as participated in the international symposium on Friday. On a personal note, Bruce and Galen have taken time to get to know us all throughout the course the event and over the events of this weekend and we all have greatly enjoyed their warmth, stimulating conversation, and thoughts on digital culture, art and life. They are an inspiring part of our HUMlab friend network and I feel very privileged to have had the chance to walk along the river with both and talk about everything from shared cultures to baking this weekend. If you have a chance to come to today’s seminars, don’t miss them. And as always, if you can’t be here in person, please join us online. Both talks will be streamed on our streaming page,



inauguration on May 14

Last week, the new part of HUMlab was inaugurated by the County Governor. It was a day full of talks, a 20+ project showcase, international guests and a large crowd.












This photo shows the County Governor using the multi touch function of the screen to reveal/paint a scene.

We will be posting more photos and stories in this space later – including reporting on the international symposium that took place the following day.