humanities centers and digital humanities centers

Interesting comparison from the Scholarly Communication Institute 6 (SCI 6 2008, pdf version of the report here):

Thus SCI participants arrived at two corresponding challenges that suggested a common approach. For traditional humanities centers, the challenge is to move from being “symptoms of deferral” into “agents of change,” continuing to be intellectually aggressive while grappling with the full implications of new media for the humanities departments and disciplines. And for digital humanities centers, it is how to achieve a desirable level of stability with respect to personnel, technical infrastructure, and funding, while remaining flexible and engaging with the broader humanities community. In addition, participants concurred that both types of centers share the common goal of mainstreaming the intellectual achievements and new modes of communication, fostered in centers, that take advantage of new media, for the greater benefit of research and teaching. These conclusions suggested areas around which collaborations could be formed.