Seminar with Paul Arthur on Monday

Writing History with New Media
March 2, 1.15 pm
Paul Arthur
, Curtin University/Rutgers
Broadcast live here.

Digital history is a rapidly growing field that spans disciplines and can take many forms. New modes of publication, new methods for doing research, and new channels of communication are making historical research richer, more relevant and more widely accessible. Many applications of computer based research and publication are natural extensions of the established techniques for researching and writing history. Others are consciously experimental. Although computer technology started to revolutionise the discipline of history more than three decades ago, genres and formats for recording and presenting history using digital media are not well established. Are the new technologies fundamentally changing how we interpret the past? If so, in what ways?

We are really happy to have Paul Arthur visit. He will be a postdoc at HUMlab and the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies in the fall semester of 2009.