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Um, What?!? What has happened YouTube?

I am an avid YouTube user, and often use videos in my teaching. Not so recently there was a Pork and Beans Dance contest that I was using in a class as an example of remediation, but when I tried to show the video in class – whoops, gone.

And while some are trying to help by filming their screen and putting back online, the crack down at YouTube is causing more and more of these accounts to be suspended.

Are we in the middle of a war between old-fashioned copyright and the remix generation. But what seems to be escaping many of these old-copyright carpetbaggers is that remixing often spreads their artists’ music better than all their expensive publicity. Users have experienced the creativity of the remix and don’t want to go back to passive reception of media.

Example of entry in pork and beans contest:

And another arrangement by Walt Ribeiro:


Some people are getting it…



And some people got it *because* of YouTube and participatory media (Remember Soulja Boy?)


I can’t help but wonder if these restrictions will be a slow death for YouTube? Will users who came to YouTube to be an active participant get tired of the punishments and restrictions and move to competing, smaller video hosting sites?

It will be interesting to see just who does ends up ‘getting’ it. Because one thing that we can be sure of is that participatory media has just gotten started.