YouTube research funded

This week the The Knowledge Foundation, or the KK stiftelsen (in Swedish), announced their funding of our research project  YouTube as performative arena. It is a project desiged to explore how youth use YouTube as a medium of performance and exploration – as well as the ‘boundaries’ of the concept text. The 4 million crown, three year project will be conducted in three parts, an ethonographic study of three Swedish youth groups currently using YouTube as a performance space (for which Stephanie Hendrick  is responsible), a discourse analysis of medialized reactions to youth’s usage of YouTube (for which Simon Lindgren is responsible), and a collaboration between HUMlab, Umeå’s kulturverket and the author Peter Kihlgård in a project where Umeå youth and Kihilgård will explore the concept ‘text’ through a YouTube mediated film series.

For more information, see the funding announcement, or various press releases (all in Swedish).

For contact information, please contact the project leader, Patrik Svensson