Abandoned Space Recovered by HUMlab

This morning I was the first person to step into the HUMlab world in ActiveWorlds since abut 2004. From 1999-2004 the Virtual Wedding Project was run in EVE the HUMlab world in the 3D virtual world Active Worlds. It was reawakened this week. It was a strange feeling to be moving around a virtual space that I once spent months in. I took part in the Virtual Wedding Project in 2003 and it was my introduction to HUMlab.
It seems like getting EVE online again is going to be a process. The version we opened this morning is not the last one we have on the server and my own project is not part of the world at this stage. We will be updating the world in the next few days.
After having spent so much time in Second Life over the past two years (and having had a year or two -2004 & 2005- in the now defunct Adobe Atmosphere worlds) Active Worlds has such a different aesthetic than Second Life. It is faster and sparser compared to Second Life (SL). There is now a voice chat in Active Worlds (AA), which did not exist before. Avatars are not as elaborate as in SL, where they are an art form in themselves. Audio is important in AA. I think there is still potential for AA in teaching. Especially considering that not all students in other global regions have superfast connections. Perhaps AA could be used to run international versions of courses that are run in Sweden using SL or something of similar bandwidth weight.
In the above images you can see an advertisement for a party by the Hispanic-American society, a carnival that took place on Feb. 18 1999. I felt like the discoverer of some abandoned city as I strolled among the buildings of EVE.

Professor Reed Riner’s evaluation of the Virtual Wedding project can be found here.

Here is the final report of the project.