Busy day in the lab

I have been away for about a month, but when I returned to the lab yesterday for a little peaceful reading – I was surprised by the amount of activity! It seems that people were having to shuffle from space to space in order to incorporate all the activities that were going on. While it was not the most conducive environment to read in, it did provide just the right amount of energy to be excited about my first day back. Below you can see a few photos of the different events.

Ele working on the tent

Ele checking the tent’s seams (really I think she just wanted to wear it as she just finished running a loop through the lab wearing it as a cape :-P)

The ongoing open source embroidery station (there are a few pieces left, if you are up for it).

The photo edit course

Fredrick on a conference call in the new lab.

You can only sort of see it, but the ‘glass cage’ is full of people talking about the School of Research.

Some kind of meeting…