Youtube in the election

Earlier in the year, or rather last spring, I did a talk about how YouTube was being used in the election. My focus with YouTube has been more on youth on YouTube now, and I have read several articles and blog posts about how youth were (mis)portrayed in the YouTube debate. Many were displeased about the videos chosen. They felt that they were not representative of the issues youth found important, like quality in schools, health care, and global warming. And while some of the questions chosen did cover these issues, many were more forms of ‘infotainment’ than information. I think that Jason Rosenbaum summed it up well when he said,

CNN equated youthfulness with childishness. That we are about irreverent videos and short attention spans. Quoting youthful absence at the polls as a reason for politicians not considering the demographic important. When a serious question, and one not scripted, came into play, later reports called him a ringer.

That said, YouTube has been a wonderful gadge of public sentiment during the election process. Videos such as Lisa Nova’s parady of Clinton’s race as a scene from Sunset Blvd is a great example, as well as her parady of the first interview of Sarah Palin.



Tonight I am going to be on state tv (SVT 2) at 22.30 talking about alternative media during this election cycle. I want to bring up the above, but also how YouTube has been both a public platform and a participant.

Seminar about Second Life

This coming Wednesday, November 5 at 13:15, you are most welcome to HUMlab to listen to a seminar with Maria Bäcke from Blekinge Institute of Technology. She will talk about The Weaving of the 3D Web: Hierarchies and Subversion in online 3D worlds.

Maria Bäcke is doing her PhD in Digital Games and here is a short film about one part of her research made by Vetenskapslandet:

The seminar will be streamed as well.


Open Source Embroidery Fika

Tuesdays at HUMlab, below the University Library.
Thursdays at the Fine Art School (Konsthögskolan)

Artists, designers, programmers and craftspeople are invited to come along to the Open Source Embroidery workshops run by Ele Carpenter. The workshops will provide the opportunity to find out more about the project, share your skills and learn new ones. We’ll be discussing the ethics of creative practice, the relationship between craft and code, and making new art works. Bring your ideas, computers, threads, cables, needles and yarns…

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Workshops: 14.00 –  17.00

Tues Nov 4th – HUMlab
Thurs Nov 6th – Fine Art School

Tues Nov 11th – HUMlab
Thurs Nov 13th – Fine Art School

Tues Nov 18th – HUMlab
Thurs Nov 20th – Fine Art School

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