Stream archive (60 and counting)

We have developed a new Flash application as a gateway to our archive of streamed seminars (we have streamed seminars live since 2002). This application makes it easier to access streamed material. It also provides mp3 audio file versions of all seminars. Apart from regular media play functions, the tool also allows you to do various kinds of bookmarking and also, more importantly, indicate a segment of the stream and automatically get a reference for that segment. This makes it possible to easily refer to a specific statement or discussion. Segments may be short or long.

A sample of previous seminars:

People + Pedagogy + Place = Possibilities: Re-engineering the Georgia Tech Library (Crit Stuart, 2008)

Dynamic Vernaculars: Emergent Digital Forms in Contemporary Scholarship (Tara McPherson, 2008)

New Media and Architecture (Erica Robles, 2007)

Guds ord på nätet? En digital generation möter en religiös auktoritet (Anders Sjöborg, 2007)

Visuella vändningar i Kerstin Ekmans författarskap (Cecilia Lindhé, 2007)

Humanities Computing: The Plural Community of Method (Willard McCarthy, 2006)

Aktivism, konst och digitala medier (Ana Valdés, 2006)

My Mother was a Computer (Katherine Hayles, 2005)

Participatory Media (Henry Jenkins, 2005)

Puppetmasters and performances: Pervasive gaming in practice (Jane McGonigal, 2005)

Cyberculture, literature and the textual imagination (Bryan Alexander, 2003)

Modeling Prehistoric Culture Change in the American Southwest (George Gumerman, 2003)

Technology, Science and Art: Evolving virtual musics (Rodney Berry 2002)

We are still working on some functionality and features, but basically the application works well now. Several people have been involved in creating this platform, but the key implementation person is our excellent flash programmer Thomas Lövgren.