HUMlab Seminar Fall 2008

This is the provisional seminar schedule for this semester (more seminars may be added later):

[September 25 at 1.15 pm CET]
Mixed Realities: Information Spaces Then and Now
Bonnie Nardi, UC Irvine
In collaboration with the Department of Informatics

[September 26 at 1.15 pm]
Desires at play:queering World of Warcraft
Jenny Sundén, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
In collaboration with Umeå Pride 2008

[October 7 at 1.15 pm]
Interactive Architecture and Interaction Landscaping
Mikael Wiberg, Department of Informatics

[October 21 at 1.15 pm]
The big bang: A case study of mobile media and gaming as new media in South Korea
Larissa Hjorth, RMIT University, Australia

[November 5 at 1.15 pm]
The Weaving of the 3D Web: Hierarchies and Subversion in online 3D worlds
Maria Bäcke, Blekinge Institute of Technology

[November 19 at 1:15 pm]
In[ter]venting Multi-Modal Rhetoric(s)/(a) Poetics of Emergence
Talan Memmott, Blekinge Institute of Technology
In collaboration with the Department of Culture and Media

[November 26 at 1:15 pm]
The Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database
Phil Buckland, Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

[December 10 at 3:15 pm]
Den svenska datorspelsindustrin – historia, nutid och framtid
Ulf Sandqvist, Department of Economic History
[In Swedish – the Swedish computer game industry – past, present and future]

[December 11 at 10:15 am]
Ungdomars kommunikation via mobiltelefoner och datorer: Kommunikativa verksamhetstypers betydelse för språkanvändning och val av interaktionsmedier
Theres Bellander, Uppsala University
In collaboration with Department of Language Studies
[In Swedish – Youths’ communication via mobile phones and computers]

Individual seminars will be presented here in more detail as we go along. All seminars will be streamed live and archived.

I am very happy about the seminars we offer this semester and the total composition. Should be very exciting!

Everyone welcome!