web accessability and more

The semester will start proper next week and there was quite a bit going on in the lab today. There was a short course on ‘how does a computer work’, a discussion of how to do streamed material in Second Life, and a presentation of a web accessability project.

Ru och Haishu, interaction designers, presented their work on web accessability (including background a plan) in relation to a project we work with together with Kulturverket. They did a very good job and it seemed as if there was a good discussion and a go-ahead.

It is good to see the new part of the lab work as well as it does. In this case they used two of the swivable pillar mounted screens and created a kind of presentation setting. We realized today of how few photos we have of the lab since we expanded it – we need to document stuff. I have a feeling there will be a great deal worth documenting this semester.