New way to blog

I have just crossed the threshold from YouTube lurker to participant. Posting more comments, and letting a few videos trickle in, I have begun to see the tool a bit differently. Currently, I am playing with using video to blog as I would a text post. I really enjoy this medium – not in “the person talking to the camera” mode, rather juxtaposing images, sound, voice and thought. Just as in a blog post, you have to think through your argument (I actually write a script), but you get to invoke different emotions/senses/modes when using a variety of channels. My attempts are rudimentary at best, but just as my beginning blog posts were a process of finding out, so will my videos.

Here is last nights attempt. I watched the SVT Sport Opera/Flashmob and participated in the SMS part (which turned out to be only a ‘hello’ type of message – disappointed). I loved the creativity of combing opera and ballet and sport commentary, but feel that the Flashmob bits were more an attempt to draw in viewers than any real mob-like event. The opportunity for creative participation was lost.

The video below is more a comparison of professionally created and amateur flashmobs. While I do not believe that it is useful to assign value to one or the other, looking at how these different spheres use a Flashmob can tell us a lot about the act of remixing and how amateur ‘theft’ of content is now an obsolete way of conceptualizing content.


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