the upcoming semester

It is still a little bit too early to do a comprehensive presentation of the fall semester of 2008 in HUMlab. A few points without going into too much detail at this point:

  • Five international postdoctoral and digital art fellows in the lab (and their respective departments)
  • Start-up a new regional project to work with new media industry (in a broad sense)
  • Conceptual and concrete work and planning in relation to HUMlab-X at the Creative Art Campus
  • A range of interesting seminar speakers – including Bonnie Nardi, Jenny Sundén and Mikael Wiberg
  • HUMlab courses, programs that will make use of HUMlab and our own digital culture technology class
  • Continuation of projects such as SEAD
  • Launch of our new streaming archive and live stream application (flash based)
  • Further colonization and experimentation in our Second Life world
  • Finish most installations in the new part of the lab

Earlier this summer we installed 7 new large full-HD screens in our new space and it is shaping up nicely. Quite a bit of work left to do though, but we are getting there.