HUMlab in Second Life: What’s Happening on the Island

Activity on the HUMlab Island in Second Life has been building in every sense of the word lately. Isenhand Nightfire has built a geodesic dome, given it the title Sustainable Communities and is working with biosphere models and sustainable energy technologies. The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse has been practicing on the island and have set up an animation on a large wall. Oz’s castle is in place and awaits some content, namely the DigitalSpace Traveler Museum. As well I have started working on the first teaching and meeting house on the island. Here are a couple of images of the work so far:

In a week or so we should be able to start experimenting with streaming media and gathering an audience in the meeting and teaching area. Of course it needs a roof and I am hoping this will be a dome. As for walls I think trees, vines and shrubbery.