The HUMlab Island Comes to Life

During the last few days I have been working a lot on the HUMlab Island in Second Life. Since the establishment of the island in February the main function it has been put to has been as a platform for the art of Japanese/Swedish digital artist Sachiko Hayashi. As part of the Virtual Moves exhibition at the Statens Museum for Kunst (National Art Museum) in Copenhagen, the HUMlab Island hosted N00sphere Playground by Sachiko Hayashi for a month while the exhibition ran. Virtual Moves finished a week or two ago and since then we have been organizing the next stage of the HUMlab Island and it began this weekend.
The Island has been divided up around the central park area that still houses the beautiful N00sphere Playground. On one section of the island the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is setting up for a series of performances and practices. Here is a taste of what the AOM does:

Video document of a performance of Wirxli FlimFlam’s “SLippery SLope”, performed by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in Second Life, 22 July 2007, at Haidplatz, Odyssey.

In another part of the island Oz Larg, a long time HUMlab collaborator has established a presence. Oz is a veteran of online virtual worlds, having been in them since 1994. We look forward to working with Oz. A project that is already taking shape with Oz is a museum to the Digital Space Traveler platform, one of the earliest 3D online shared multimedia environments, the inworld community of which Oz played an important role in.

If anyone is interested in doing research or creating work in the environment of Second Life, or has an idea for a project or is already working in the medium, please contact me, Jim Barrett via HUMlab. We may have a place for you on the island.

Finally, in case you are wondering what it looks like at the moment, here are a few images to give you some idea:

To visit the HUMlab Island, click or paste this link: You need to have Second Life installed on your computer, a free download from HERE.