The Space(s) of HUMlab and its People

After posting fairly regularly on the HUMlab blog I have been going through a quite patch of late. I need to change that. I spent most of today in the lab and it’s the first really extended period I have had in the space since HUMlab II has opened. It seems to be that the space is beginning to coalesce (intransitive verb 1: to grow together 2 a: to unite into a whole). There were meetings going on throughout the lab and I actually saw one person conducting a long telephone conversation (in French) while moving back and forward between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ lab space through the large opening (is it 3 meters wide maybe?) that unites the two. The reason why I was in HUMlab today for a long time was the visit by HUMlab friend Billy Marius, who was recently featured on the national television program Kulturnyheter (Culture News). Billy and French film maker Mathias Monarque are working on a film that embarks from Billy’s earlier work, much of which was conducted in association with HUMlab, creating a heritage dialogue with new media between the Sami peoples of Northern Sweden and the Pygmie peoples of Congo (Brazzaville). HUMlab is continuing to be a site of collaboration with Billy (and beginning with Mathias) for the project.
In the last few weeks I have been spending a lot of time in Second Life as the first project of the HUMlab Island now comes to a close. The Tagging Art exhibition finishes with a conference on March 11th that will take place in the National Art Museum (Statens Museum for Kunst) in Copenhagen and in Second Life. The HUMlab Island is hosting a work by Japanese/Swedish artist Sachiko Hayashi, a machinima film of which has been shown on a wall in central Copenhagen as a part of the Tagging Art exhibition. Here are some recent shots of the Island (Click to enlarge):

In about a week we are going to start with the next phase for the HUMlab Island with the building of teaching and meeting facilities. It occurred to me last week that the three themes of the Island should be Pedagogy, Research and Community. I hope we can develop according to these guiding terms.
The themes of Pedagogy, Research and Community were apparent to me today in the Real Life HUMlab as well as I moved between 3 meetings (Pygmie-Sami Dialogue, Religion in Second Life and Digital Literature) and even a few ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes expressed (yesterday marked another year along the way for me).