Who said games don’t make you aggressive?

There is this persistent myth that games would not make you aggressive. Of course everyone knows they do! A living proof of that is Yahtzee Croshaw who is a British-born, Australian-based game journalist. In his weekly column – well, it is a flash-movie but sometimes it is just easier to stick with terminology from the age of print – he manages to positively thrash every single game that the editors of The Escapist send his way. The column is called Zero Punctuation and there is a reason for that. Yahtzee has been a rapper in a previous life and still is really. The speed at which he pushes information in the direction of the viewer is mind-blowing. He also underlines his arguments with pictures, drawings and animations which sometimes coincide, but more often ridicule the voice-over, adding even more information to the mix. If it wasn’t clear from what I have written so far, Yahtzee is absolutely marvelous. He manages to impersonate all the clichés of the gamer, but he combines this with such extreme eloquence that he arrives at some kind of violent rambling visual poetry. Have a look at it! This week he is slamming Simcity. One of my favorites is when he looks at Peggle. The part on housewives and moms is extremely funny. One time he actually sounded positive about a game (The Orange Box). I am sure that something was wrong with him that day. Maybe he had met a girl. We all know that gamers neither have nor need girls.