Lab open again and upcoming seminars

Tomorrow the lab will open again after the reconstruction work. It will take some time for everything to be in order again, but we will be up and running Monday morning as planned. The importance of the lab is obvious to us I guess, but I have really noticed how the absence of the lab has created a ‘void’.

When opening again we have some new colors, wallpaper and ventilation in the old lab, but also a totally new section. Among other things, the new section will host resources for a number of identified research and development areas: electronic literature, participatory media, digital art, digital cultural heritage and critical perspectives.There will also be a rather spectacular display and interaction set up there. All part of a creative and hopefully vibrant studio space. 

This semester’s first HUMlab seminar will take place on Tuesday, Feb 5. Principal Ann-Charlotte Markman will talk about schools and interactive whiteboards (in Swedish) at 10.15. Title: “Att förändra skolan: Från kompost till digitala skrivtavlor“. One week later, Ian Bogost from Georgia Tech will visit HUMlab. His talk is titled “Platform Studies, Creative Computing and Constraint: the Atari VCS (1977) and beyond“. Feb 12 at 10.15. We are very happy about starting the new semester and new lab with such first-rate guests. Both talks will be live streamed and archived.