Reconstruction and the Lindellhallen

As most local HUMlab people know there is construction work going on in HUMlab right now. Of course, we are sorry to have to have the lab closed for some time, but we are also looking forward to opening a lab that has been improved in many ways: new floor, new lighting fixtures, a major new section, repainted walls, a new back wall ‘city scape’, some wallpapered pillars in the new section (nice green, flowery wallpaper), new cooling/ventilation system, upgraded network connections… The strategy is to make as many improvements as possible in one go.

At same time, there is reconstruction going on above us. The library has been expanded, and there have been major changes done to the Lindellhallen. This ‘hall’ is probably the center of the university and now they have raised the ceiling and created a large café space on top of the circular set of lecture halls. It looks really nice from where we have our offices. And I think there will be an inauguration tomorrow. I am very happy about having a large, nice-looking café with a great view (I assume) very close to the lab. And, of course, being at the very center is important to HUMlab. And both these reconstruction processes will create new oppurtunities and shape the future HUMlab.