N00sphere Playground on HUMlab Island

The image comes from the new HUMlab Island in Second Life which is now hosting a project by the Japanese-Swedish artist Sachiko Hayashi, titled N00sphere Playground:

N00sphere Playground” is an interactive sound installation in which adults via their avatars join to create a sphere of enjoyment through play and experience of sounds. Beneath its surface is an underlying notion of noosphere, closely related to Henri Bergson’s idea of “Èlan Vital” and its role in evolution.

Sachiko Hayshi’s work is part of the Virtual Moves exhibition:

VIRTUAL MOVES is a row of 4 international art exhibitions in SecondLife (SL) and at Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) in Copenhagen organized by TAGGING ART. The aim of the exhibitions is to explore and challenge SL as a platform for artistic practice, a public space, and a cultural community and to discuss critically how SL affects our notion of reality. The set off is a critical point of view and experimental focus. VIRTUAL MOVES explores the blog and SL as different digital platforms.

Sachiko writes more about her project on the HUMlab Island HERE. The exhibition (which HUMLab is very happy to be involved with) will be opened to the public on the 18th January 2008 with a month of activities and discussions in the Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) in Copenhagen and in Second Life.