HUMlab @ MIT

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting both Education Arcade and the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. I got to play Labyrinth at the Education Arcade and found it really captivating. Partly story, partly math puzzles with a clear progression, and nice visuals. All the game play yesterday made me realize that it was a long time since I really engaged in playing games, but now I want to do more. And not every game requires you to play 40 or 60 hours. The GAMBIT lab gave me some ideas about how to develop our “game corner”. Also, I got to play Portal – a really cool game. I have problems with getting spatially comfortable in games like that, but this one is really conceptually interesting and well executed.


Eitan Glinert, very enthusiastic player and GAMBIT researcher, blogged about Portal here. Eitan and Ravi took time to show me around and to describe some of the current projects. I also got to see some Nintendo Wii-based language education stuff. I am very tempted to add a sentence or two on this to my book on language education and technology (even though I do not think I am supposed to at this stage).