digital humanities at Stanford

I have had the opportunity to follow some of the digital humanities work going on at Stanford over the last couple of years now. My current trip is not primarily about HUMlab, but I am glad to be able to check in with some of the key people here. One primary organization is the Stanford Humanities Lab, of course, and I had a good discussion with Jeffrey Schnapp earlier today. We talked about processes and structural properties of the field among other things. This afternoon I am meeting with one of Fred Turner‘s students, and tomorrow I will have coffee with the inimitable Michael Shanks (SHL and the Metamedia Lab). Great people. I also hope to get together with Danish Henrik Bennetsen (SHL) later today to hear more about their collaboration with Lynn Hershman among other things. The colloquium series Critical Studies in New Media is an interesting and creative arena. I was impressed last time I was here with the number of graduate students present from different disciplines and the energy present.

Another organization is the Stanford Humanities Center and there is currently an open research fellow position in digital humanities there (final application date October 15). Their New Directions in Humanities Research seminar series often brings up digital humanities topics. Soon to be honorary doctor Katherine Hayles is one of the upcoming speakers.

I also had the pleasure of talking to Bob Smith at the Wallenberg Hall about (experience-based) display technology. Very useful.