What can eyetracking say about game design?

Eyetracking is the subject for this short video and the topic for the first HUMlab seminar this term. “Integrating a Tobii Eyetracking System with the HiFi Game Engine” by Charlotte Sennersten, Blekinge tekniska högskola och Högskolan på Gotland will take place in HUMlab Tuesday 2 October at 13:15 in HUMlab (under the UB buidling at Umeå University). A short description of the presentation goes like this:

Charlotte Sennersten (a doctoral student in computer games) works with Professor Craig Lindley in such areas as the invative use of eyetracking in game play analysis.They are intersted in both the design and the anlytical perspectives. One question is how the measuring of eye movement can give feedback for the design of computer games. The method used by the pair is new and involves analysis of dynamic 3D-stimuli with the help of eye movement technology.Those experiments that will be described in the seminar will include worked done for the Swedish national Defense Research Institute.

“Charlotte Sennersten has a M.A. in Cognitive Science from Lund University. Her interests lies within eyetracking which is a part of the HCI field, games, cognitive psychology, physiology, graphics, non-verbal communication and differences and similarities concerning perception in natural versus virtual environments. BSc degree from University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and Stockholm Institute of Education in Media and Information Communication Technology. Also studies performed at Media Technique at KTH. In the upcoming PhD studies she will focus upon how and where game players (subjects) direct their gaze within the virtual world and/or a natural setting in a task related environment. The main game genres to be studied are First Person Shooter´s and Role Playing Games. The 5 year project goes under the working title: Game Psychophysiology, Semiotics and Design –through eyetracking methodology. This research is conducted at the Department of Technology, Art and New Media at Gotland University and within the departments of Eye & Vision at Karolinska Institute and the department of Machine System Interaction (MSI) at the Swedish Defence Research Agency. My main concerns in life: Teamwork and humour.”

The seminar will be live streamed as usual and the channel can be accessed HERE (opens a few minutes before the presntation). See you in HUMlab!