Collaborative authorship

As a continuation on Patrik’s entry – really good collaboration – I can add the following. On Thursday 13/9 Kulturverket presented to The Swedish parliaments Committee on Cultural Affairs and the response was phenomenal.

Cultumea is a collaborative authorship based community created by HUMlab and Kulturverket. The site is designed to enable an artistic and educational model that goes by the name of “Kids tell pros’ what to do”. The idea is that children and youth work on concepts that are carried out by professional artists and cultural institutions, however, the dilemma with this model is the vast number of children in relation to the number of professionals and institutions that can take care of the projects. That is why we have been working with the idea of collaborative authorship. In November the first project of this kind will be showcased in the form of an opera written in blogs by three hundred teenagers. The individual blog entries remain intact but are assembled by a professional writer. The libretto contains an amazing 99.8% of the teenager’s texts. The opera project is not only a collaboration in text but in music, dance, stage and costume (not to mention HUMlabs planned live-sms-integration. More on that later). This project joins recourses from several institutions, both in the north of Sweden and Rome, Italy. The financial gains in collaborations of this kind are hard to estimate but it’s an aspect not to be taken lightly. That is also why we have been invited to The Nordic Council of Ministers (26/9 in Göteborg) to present this idea at a conference on new ways to finance culture.

I would appreciate any comments on this entry or on collaborative authorship in general.