Stand up and twirl around the lab!

dscn3254.JPGToday we spoke with the students from midgårdsskolan about HUMlab, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and flashmobs. Just as Jane did during a long ago visit, we posted signs up around the lab before the students came in (stand up and twirl around the lab at 10.45).

Exactly at 10.45, my partner-in-crime, Mona, and I went twirling about the room. (I think we shocked the students more than anything.) Some got up and twirled…and some threw up their hands in support. But not many made the whole loop. It was, however, a great intro into the lesson. I was asked to talk to the students about blogging, but most of them already had blogs. I figured this would be the case and was prepared to expand the lesson into audio, visual and flashmobs. I read an excerpt from SmartMobs, showed videos of flashmob pillow fights and ninja wars, talked about the BBC flashmob opera and discussed the power of social networks.

It was a fun class! (And I have heard that they are planning a class flashmob soon!)dscn3247.JPG