Blogs, Flashmobs and going viral


Today I am teaching the first class of Informationsteknologi för humanister – HUMlab’s own 7.5 point course on IT in the humanities. My session used to be about blogging. It was a how-to/textual class. But I realized that by telling the students about blogging, and not about the way it is being integrated and used, I was only giving them a small piece of the puzzle. I want to share more about blogging as a portal where thematically linked social networks can share ideas and content – and not just textual content, but audio and video. Blogging is a virtual world of sorts (although, admittedly not in the traditional sense). Rather, a city of linked little homes, a few pubic squares. A coffee shop or two. Places where you can invite people in to talk, or where you can go to discuss and debate with larger groups. Yes, today our students will learn how to blog – and they will make their own blog. But I hope that they will leave with not only the tools they need, but also an understanding of why it is important.

(the picture in my slide is from a flickr stream of the silent flashmob rave at Victoria Station – kudos to the photographer)