The Working (Second) Life

I have been employed by the Swedish Institute as a guide at the Second House of Sweden (the Swedish Embassy) in Second Life. This is a shot of me doing the Saturday morning shift, hence the baggy eyes. I am really enjoying my work at the Second House of Sweden (SHS) however it is keeping me from working on the HUMlab Island in Second Life (SL). I have a lot of ideas for the HUMlab Island but it will take a bit of time.
During the week the blog for the Second House of Sweden welcomed HUMlab into the virtual world of SL. here is an extract from the entry:

Another Swedish university is venturing into Second Life. Umeå University’s HUMlab, “a vibrant and diverse meeting place for the humanities, culture and information technology”, has just bought part of a sim and is beginning to explore the space.

It is nice to be part of the Swedish presence in SL. That’s something I have got from my job with SHS so far; the meetings, chatting with people from all over the world. Once one has a reason to approach other avatars in SL it becomes so easy to make friends. The 3D aspect of SL makes it very different from a text chat room. One can approach people and initiate conversation in ways very similar to how it is done in RL social situations. My friends list is getting longer and I feel that I do actually ‘know’ these people and that we meet in a ‘place’: Second Life.