really good collaboration

For several years now, we have been collaborating with Kulturverket. I think it started with Lars Cuzner spending quite a bit of time in the lab – attending seminars (and asking questions) and engaging with HUMlab. He works for Kulturverket and is also a local artist. Him and us sharing the same studio space led to dialogue, new ideas and an exchange that has been going on since then. We have worked together on several projects including the Blog Opera Project (together with Norrlandsoperan and others). I really appreciate Kulturverket’s basic sentiment – encouraging and respecting young people’s ideas and creativity at the same time as involving professional culture workers in the process – and having a strong interest in digital media and everyday technology. They are also very interested in the science-art interface, and I really think they are doing some quite innovative work. Most of our joint projects are mainly run by Kulturverket, but we are involved in developing ideas and engaging in dialogue. And we share excellent staff. HUMlab as a meeting place for culture and technology is very compatible with Kulturverket’s work and ideas. Also, they have helped us increase interaction with local artists and ‘culture workers’. One of my intermediate publishing aims is to write a book on collaboration at the humanities-art-technology interface, and our collaboration with Kulturverket is certainly going to be a case study.