lab update

As our new research fellow, Torill Mortensen, notes, HUMlab did not quite look like an inhabited and ready-constructed lab when we visited the other week. We had to evacuate the present lab space to allow for new floor tiles (nice green-blue/cyan ones) as the old ones were more than 30 years old. As it turns out, adding a new section to the lab is a good opportunity to update the present lab as well. Apart from the floor, we will also get a new main entrance door (a silent one instead of the one we have now – this may seem like a small detail, but this will be a rather significant upgrade). As HUMlab inhabitants would know, there is currently a small passageway leading to the door, and we will also move the door outwards to give us a little bit extra space, but more importantly, to create a nicer entry point (most people do not like having to swipe cards. etc in a small passageway with their back to the only exit apart from the lab entrance). Some other improvements will also be made in the present lab. More about that later.

We will start moving furniture back into the lab tomorrow. People have offered to help, and I think there are quite a few HUMlab staff and members who miss hanging out in the lab.

There is quite a bit of work left to do in the new part of the lab, and it will probably not be in use until late October. We are currently testing out chairs and preparing technology purchases. There will probably be some kind of inauguration event in December.