Virtual Lab, Virtual Worlds

HUMlab is somewhat ‘virtual’ at the moment with major construction going on in and around the lab. Yesterday I ran into several of the HUMlab staff gathered around a table in the Humanities building having coffee. We seem to be a bit homeless at the moment with the lab closed and the afternoon fika (coffee break) gathering is a ritual that has had to find a new (temporary) home. It will be great when the new floor is laid in the lab, and then the major expansion is the next thing to look forward to.
The Director of HUMlab, Patrik Svensson was quoted in an article in today’s Dagens Nyheter on the scientific research potential of 3D virtual worlds. The article (in Swedish) is HERE. It gives a Swedish perspective, which is very engaged generally with online virtual environments, on an article that appears in the latest edition of Science. The Science article, entitled The Scientific Research Potential of Virtual Worlds is available online as a PDF and as the Full Text.