lab being evacuated and expanded

HUMlab is undergoing some major changes currently. Firstly, we are removing all furniture (and basically all entities that occupy floor space) in the current HUMlab to accommodate for new floor tiles. Secondly, we are preparing for the expansion of the current HUMlab. We will add another significant section which will complement the present space. This space will contain a large number of screens, interaction technology, performance space and powerful workstations for digital cultural heritage, electronic literature, digital art and participatory media. The basic design principles of the present HUMlab will be maintained: e.g. translucence, flexibility, openness and multiplexity. Much of the construction work will happen this summer, and hopefully the new part of the lab will be functional sometime in October-November. The lab will be closed this summer, but present-day HUMlab will open again in August (when we have moved the furniture, computer etc. back). More about the expanded lab later!