HUMlabbers on the road

Matt Ratto, new research fellow at HUMlab, will do an invited presentation on “Key issues: HERA and Hephaestus: arts and humanities in a digital age” in London on June 15 as part of a HERA activity on “The Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation”.

Peter Asaro, who has been in Umeå for a bit longer than Matt, will show his documentary film on June 14 at the postLab at Kiberpipa in Slovenia. He will then attend the European Computing and Philosophy Conference at University of Twente in the Netherlands (June 21-24), and do a presentation on “How Just Could A Robot War Be?”. Finally, he will also attend a one-day seminar at the London School of Economics on “Military and security applications of neuroscience: ethics, governance and policy” (June 27).

Patrik Svensson will do a talk on “Co-creating Content: Participatory Culture, Web 2.0 and Digital Mashups” at the 13th Nordic Conference on Information and Documentation at Stockholm University, 18-19 June. My talk will address participatory culture, web 2.0 etc. from a broad non-informational perspective, and I will try to look at some new developments beyond the obvious examples as well as providing a sense of the critical discourse surrounding these concepts. 

Stephanie Hendrick, HUMlab graduate student, will do a poster presentation at Past, Present, Future: From Women’s Studies to Post-Gender Research at Umeå University on June 17. Title: “Representation and innovation: How women professors blog”.