Robot Ethics and “Love Machine”

At 13:15 on Thursday, May 31, Peter Asaro will present a lecture on “Robot Ethics” in the HUMlab.

This lecture will be an overview of his research at the HUMlab on Robot Ethics, particularly on the ethics of military robots. Peter is one of the new Postdoctoral Fellows at the HUMlab and the Department of Philosophy.

His film Love Machine will be shown in HUMlab at 15:30 on this Friday, June 1.
This is part of the “Love, War & Robots Film Series”

Love Machine flyer

Love Machine (2001), directed by Peter Asaro, 110 min,

This independent feature-length documentary looks at the development of robots capable of human social relations of love, caring, and friendship. It investigates the technologies being developed, and the motives behind their development. It also explores the social interests and fears surrounding their potential as sexual partners and life-partners, augmenting or replacing intimate human relationships.

It features interviews with leading roboticists, philosophers, sexologists and inventors, including: Rodney Brooks, Hans Moravec, Ken Goldberg, Hubert Dreyfus, Daniel Dennett, Manuel Delanda, Carol Queen, Robert Morgan Lawrence, Ernest Green, Lisa Palac, and others.