Virtual Real at Umeå Culture Night

This week has been a busy one in HUMlab. I was very glad yesterday when I found the time to attend the first of a two part short course in Maya modeling, Skapa 3D med Maya led ‘3D’ Anton. While this was going on many of the HUMlab workers were preparing for the Umeå Culture Night tomorrow night. HUMlab will be leading a series of events and presentations around the theme of digital humanities in the Umeå Town Library. The presentations begin at 17:30 and run until 20:00. My part in this extravaganza will be a performance of sound/music in the library that will be streamed live in the 3D virtual world Second Life. This is why I am blogging here, as while there are many talented people doing things tomorrow night (with films, seminars, performances and demos) I will be ‘visible’ on the internet. At 18:25 in the Sagorum my real self will start playing 30 minutes of ambient acoustic didgeridoo, bells, drums, clap sticks and other stuff. At the same time in the Mare Mare Cafe in Second Life on the island of Hikuelo (Coordinates 65.111.22) my avatar Didge Burroughs will sit down with his newly acquired virtual didge and begin playing exactly what I play (with maybe a ten second delay).

I am very interested in how the so called ‘virtual’ and this world we call ‘real’ intersect with each other. I am very inspired by the work of the artist duo Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby. They work in Second Life as The Port where they fragment the accepted boundaries between the virtual and the real. My own effort is not so complex but I wanted to raise questions about what it means to broadcast live action in a virtual space. Plus it may be an introduction for many people to the phenomenon that is Second Life.
So, if you are stuck at home tomorrow night, get a free Second Life account and come into the world, teleport to the Mare Mare (just enter: Hikuelo 65.111.22) and experience it for yourSELF…whoever that may be.

Finally thanks so much to Maria Bäcke for making the Mare Mare cafe available to us for the inworld performance. With some luck and the skills of Jon with Shoutcast it should all come together. Here is an image of the other me and his new didgeridoo:
Didge Burroughs Plays Didgeridoo