Katherine Hayles on literature departments and e-literature

Here are Jill Walker’s notes from Katherine Hayles’ keynote on “The Future of Elctronic Literature” at ELO 2007. Very useful (not least for the article I am working on) and interesting. It seems like Kate’s talk was set within the framework of literary studies (no suprise of course). She discussed different strategies (according toJill) for integrating electronic literature into universities:

1. Department of media arts – film people, computer people, literary people.
2. An interdisciplinary program where students from different departments come together.
3. Depts of English or other literatures that introduce electronic literature as a component of their faculty lines, curriculum etc. Such a dept is often hard to convince of the importance of e-lit in the general study of literature.

I am thinking of the role of something like HUMlab in this context. I think there is something to be said for disciplinary transformation as well as bringing faculty, students and others together in a transdisciplinary, dialogic setting. For the digital humanities as an enterprise, I am not totally sure that only doing one works. But, of course, this also depends on the context. There is a major different between a comprehensive university and a technical university college, for instance. You need to adopt different strategies.