more disputations

We have paid some attention to Helena Pettersson’s disputation recently. I just had a look at the teacher education faculty website and they now specify disputation dates for other two other researchers with HUMlab-related interests. Both Eva Skåreus and Elza Dunkels are HUMlab friends. I am excited about the development of the collective research environment here at Umeå University.

Eva Skåreus: Digitala speglar – föreställningar om lärrarollen och kön i lärarstudenters bilder (September 21, 1.15 pm)
[Digital mirrors – conceptions about the teacher role and gender in pictures made by teacher trainees]

Elza Dunkels: The Kids are Alright – a Contribution to the Knowledge of Young People’s Net Cultures (September 28, 10 pm)

Still some time to go. Should be a great week!