Helena Pettersson’s Disputation

Today I am going to Helena Pettersson’s dissertation. Her thesis, entitled Boundaries, believers and bodies. A cultural analysis of a multidisciplinary research community looks quite interesting. This is a case of seeing a person in the hall, hearing her speak in meetings, but having no idea that her work was so close to my own.

Congratulations Helena!

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(An aside: As the new head of the Humanities PhD student union, I
hope to help foster an environment where we are at least aware of the
topics being researched in our department. After all, great things can
come for cooperation, collaboration and seminars where students
researching similar subjects come together and discuss each others
latest findings 🙂 I wonder if a blog is the best way to do this. Or maybe a wiki would be better…then students can go in themselves and add /change their own pages as their research changes…